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     Splendid job! The lawn care they provide is fantastic. They're hired through the year. Highly recommend!
Terrance Daniels11/06/2024
     For wallet-friendly prices and excellent service, choose North Sheen Carpet Cleaning Services.
Alan B.31/05/2024
     If you're looking for an exceptional service, I highly recommend this agency.
E. Munroe17/05/2024
     It was a pleasure working with such an organized and diligent admin team who made it possible for us to find ideal candidates for our company.
Terry F.29/04/2024
     I am continually impressed by the professionalism and quality of work from this cleaning company. Their cleaner is reliable, personable, and delivers exceptional results every time.
Peter M.16/04/2024
     My flat has never looked better after the top-notch deep cleaning service from this company today. Thank you so much, highly recommend!
Larry H.30/03/2024
     After trying various deep cleaning services, I can confidently say that North Sheen Carpet Cleaning Services is the best choice out there. They rescued my home from the aftermath of a bathroom renovation and left it looking better than ever before.
Clair B.20/03/2024
     Needing a full clean of the bathroom recently put in for my elderly pop, we went with this company - super service, good cost, and the organisation of the whole thing with text affirmations was impressive!
Iona H26/07/2023
     The cleaners from North Sheen Carpet Cleaning Services arrived on time, and did an outstanding job for me. I was so pleased with their work ethic, and felt confident leaving the task to them. I am delighted with the result, and highly recommend them.
Adam H.02/05/2023
     These guys did a fantastic job with my carpet cleaning. Everyone keeps asking me if it's new. I am sure I will be using their services again soon. Excellent cleaning company.
Paul Morrison21/05/2020
     One of the best spring cleaning services. The team of cleaners were very effective! I would use them again in a heartbeat.
      Carpet Cleaning Company North Sheen have a lovely roster of cleaners. I've used them a few times now, and each and every time I've been blown away by their level of professionalism and the skills of the staff.
F. Rippon09/10/2018
     The team of North Sheen Carpet Cleaner is simply amazing. I live together with two other girls in a three-bedroom apartment and things can get a bit messy from time to time. The cleaning lady we hired scrubbed the whole place top to bottom in no time. When she was done the whole apartment was sparkling. I'm very pleased with their service and I have recommended them to a number of my friends and they have also been pretty happy with the service.
E. Davis21/07/2016
     Every year ahead of the company's annual celebrations, we hire North Sheen Carpet Cleaner for the office cleaning. Every inch stands scrubbed, wiped and cleaned. The bathrooms and pantry need special mention. We have had no complaints for the past 4 years. We would like to recommend their services, as they deserve all the praise!
Simon N.19/08/2015
     Keeping my bathroom clean had always been a tough chore. Thanks to NorthSheenCarpetCleaners though, it became simple. They handled the job for me, as they washed and wiped every part of the room. They neatened things up and got rid of any damp. The results were impressive and I will continue using their help for the cleanest bathroom.
Wendy F.27/05/2015
     Dropped by to offer up my praises for NorthSheenCarpetCleaners and I'm glad to see that there's a lot of people here who have been thinking exactly the same thing. We were in a bit of an emergency situation when we had hired a company to come in and do a big clean before a party which we were hosting. That company dropped out at the last minute, they stepped in and the rest as they say is history. Because of the results which they managed to get, they'll be the ones which we call in the future, very high quality services.
Julian Ryan07/01/2015
     I have a very high aesthetic standard, but I can't stand to get my hands dirty. When my home doesn't look up to snuff, there is only one option; a professional cleaning service. NorthSheenCarpetCleaners was the one I heard the most good things about, and with good reason! They took only a few hours to get every room in my home looking stylish. They use a variety of cleaning tools that aren't just effective, but also kind to the more delicate and expensive surfaces. My marble counters for example aren't just cleaned, they've been treated well! Thanks a bunch!
Shen E.21/08/2014
     NorthSheenCarpetCleaners provided a great cleaning service for my dirty and soiled rugs and carpets. I needed a specialize cleaning service that was affordable but thorough. I didn't know exactly how to clean my carpets and needed a specialized service. NorthSheenCarpetCleaners had all the cleaning agents I needed. They knew exactly how to go about cleaning the rug and cleaned deep within the fibres without damaging anything. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a thorough clean. They are an affordable and diligent service. Thanks for the hard work and great service!